The Difference Between Natural Cosmetic and Skin Care Products

The Difference Between Natural Cosmetic and Skin Care Products

A lot of people get confuse about natural cosmetic and skin care products. More often than not, these terms are interchanged not only by consumers but even the endorsers themselves. To identify which among these is your need, read on.

What is a natural cosmetic product?

It is a kind of treatment item which is made up of preserved organic ingredients. One example is a lip tint which was derived from a Mexican insect called cochineal. Eyeshadows and mascara ingredients can also be taken from the natural element titanium ore. Waxes from plants can also be a cosmetic texturizer, candelila wax is a classic example.

The use of natural ingredients in cosmetic products has long been approved. Minerals are classified as natural ingredients which are also used by many manufacturers of face powder and foundations. However, these substances cannot live longer inside a bottle or container without a preservative toner. For this reason, preservatives such as parabens are added. Generally, dermatologists favor the use of natural substances for cosmetic products. But it is still at the consumer’s risk to use such products. Users should be able to identify which plant extracts or derivatives are they allergic to.

What is a Skin care product?

A skin scare product basically is a type of treatment which focuses on protection and prevention. Items like facial foam, sunscreens, body lotions and moisturizers, are typical example of a skin care product. Foams and cleansers remove dirt and other harmful substances that are accumulated in the skin pores. Sunscreens protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun and prevent early cell damage. Moisturizers keep the skin hydrated and prevent it from drying and flaking. Moreover, the functions of these products may come in a single product.

Usually, they are also added with essential ingredients such as antioxidants. Vitamins B5, C, A, and E are also commonly added to nurture the skin cells and stimulate the production of healthy cells and collagen.

Natural cosmetic and skin care products may indeed vary in purpose, but they both have something to do with our integument. In a way, natural cosmetic products also protect the skin by not irritating it. Like skin care products, they may also contain antioxidants which are vital components against skin aging.

Natural cosmetic and skin care products are ideal combination. When used regularly, skin problems will significantly be reduced and prevented. Many skin doctors would recommend the use of natural skin products because they are less irritating and good for all skin types.


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