Wedding Flower Ideas Ideal for a Budget Wedding

Wedding Flower Ideas Ideal for a Budget Wedding

After the wedding event of the year everybody will go back to work after back to back bank holidays. For some it was a very long break as people took an additional three days off and finished up with 11 days holiday, and the weather for once was on everyone’s side.

For anyone who watched the wedding you will know that the bride looked stunning in her bridal gown which was designed by by one of th epopular designers of our time and I believe that in an effort to maintain the mystery for the Prince the designer was only announced as the bride arrived at Westminster Abbey. It clearly worked because as she arrived by his side the Prince leaned over and in front of a couple of billion watchers told her how beautiful she looked.

Of course, as with all weddings, flowers played a significant role in the wedding ceremony not only was there an abundance of fresh flowers hoa bo dep present as you would expect but there were also something in the region of 900 sugar paste flowers throughout the 8 tiered wedding cake. The featured flowers were all selected by the bride and are believed to include the rose the national flower England, the daffodil the national flower of Wales, Shamrock the national flower of Ireland and the thistle which is the national flower of Scotland.

Probably the most famous flower arrangement was the wedding flower bridal bouquet. The bouquet which was in the shape of a shield and the wedding flower ideas draws on the flowers of significance for both families but it also draws on the language of flowers which dates back to the Victorian era. The bouquet was made with myrtle – which represents love and marriage, lily of the valley – which represents purity and humility, sweet William – standing for gallantry and finesse, and finally white hyacinth – which the symbol of loveliness. All these flowers were grown by growers from the UK or cut from Royal estates so although I don’t think what the wedding flowers cost was an issue for this gorgeous couple the fact that they went for flowers that were in season and not imported or of some tender genus certainly helped to provide them with cheap wedding flowers. This is good news for anyone planning a wedding in the near future.

If you have a wedding to plan you will be able to find everything you need when you shop for wedding flowers online. We don’t all have the luxury of having someone to design our wedding flower arrangements and import trees into the church like the Royal couple did. But when you shop online you will find an enormous variety of flowers to choose from and you can make your selection in the comfort of your home without any pressure. You can also have them delivered wherever you need so you won’t have to worry about someone going to collect them at the last minute. You may not be the Royal couple but there is no reason why you can’t feel regal when you get married.


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